Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: The Legacy Collection (Review/Photos/Swatches)


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Recently Revlon announced the return of five iconic Super Lustrous shades of lipstick - spanning six decades (albeit leaving out two hehe) and available only for a limited time. I love the concept behind the collection, especially coming from a company that’s been around as long as Revlon has, so naturally I had to pick all of them up!

Icy Violet (from 1946) is a mid-tone plum shade with a frost finish (it’s a little lilac and a little rose). This is probably my personal favorite of the bunch but I love plums. The coverage is even but not opaque. If you like colors like Pervette by MAC, check this one out. I wouldn’t call them siblings… but maybe second cousins?

Snow Peach (from 1956) is a bright, amped up, pinky coral with a cream consistency that dries to a creamy satin finish (not glossy but not matte). Remember how I’m always saying you can use lipsticks as cream blushes? This is a contender! It’s beautifully bright!

5th Ave Red (from 1958) is a lovely neutral shade of deep, almost blood, red with the same finish as Snow Peach (Icy Violet and Sandstorm are the only two frosts in this bunch). It has a bit of brown in it so it’s not very loud but it’s not so dark that it’s too vampy either.

Jungle Peach (from 1963) is a pale bright true peach shade with a cream finish. Like a lot of pale shades this one had a tendancy to settle into lip lines a little but the name AND the color just LOOK so 60’s to me, it’s a total keeper. Side note: while you try THIS one as a lovely spring cream blusher I’ll be in the other room watching Annette Funicello in Beach Party, Muscle Beach Party, Bikini Beach and my two personal favorites: How to Stuff a Wild Bikini and Pajama Party!

Sandstorm (from 1999) is the most recent color in the collection and like Icy Violet, it’s another mid-tone frost shade. This one is a richer molten bronze. If you aren’t sure you can pull off colors like this, remember they don’t have to be warn alone. Try laying them over a lip pencil or lipstick (Sandstorm is a perfect compliment to 5th Ave Red… just BTW).

All of the shades - except Jungle Peach - applied evenly and smoothly so I have no complaints there! These are also all scent free with no noticeable taste at all (not that I ate them or anything… *burp*).








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